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This eBook is my gift to you as you're building the life and career of your dreams.  Keep it handy in your digital library for those times when you need help to:

Change the way you talk to and about yourself when adversity strikes 

Look at setbacks in a whole new way

Handle challenges like a champion

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RESILIENCE is one of my superpowers.  Being born with spina bifida, I was predisposed to it. My own personal credo and the core belief of my company, Operation INSPIRATION, is:  No matter what challenges you face, you have what it takes to create the life and career you love. 


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Imagine that you have the confidence to step into the life you were meant to live. It starts with clarity. 

Do you need help planning and staying focused on your vision? Here are two fabulous options to help you create your own digital vision board:

  1. Book a digital vision board zoom party.
  2. Take the self-paced, on-line course.

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Book a Zoom party of up to 20 people where you'll learn how to create your very digital vision boards.  It's the perfect opportunity to gather with friends and colleagues for a shared experience.

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Work through the pre-recorded video lessons, accompanied by a comprehensive workbook to learn the vision board technology as well as helpful hints and hacks for creating your vision board.  

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Andrea's Podcast Appearances

Here's a sample of just some of the podcasts on which I'm fortunate to have been a guest.
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Sensei Victoria Whitfield, the world's fist Business Reiki Master, helps me bust through my money blocks.


Mental Health Advocate Michelle Dickinson and I have a thoughtful conversation about Thriving Through Adversity.

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Entrepeneur Nettie Owens and I discuss what businesses need to know about being your true self.

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