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"No matter
what challenges you face,
you have what it takes
to live your most fulfilling life."

~Andrea Mastrobattista~

If you look close enough you'll find advantages in adversity ...

Soon after my pressure wound reoccurred in November 2021, so did this thought:

You must talk about this, Andrea.  It's an ideal opportunity to share your inspirational messages with the world.

Wait ... What?  An opportunity?, you might be thinking.

Well, yes, because my credo has always been:

No matter what challenges you face, you have what it takes to create and live your most fulfilling life.

And what better opportunity is there to demonstrate that than right now when I'm seemingly down on my luck, laying here staring at the same four walls day after freakin' day?

Down on my luck?  Really?

Nah, not really, because ...

Even though I'm on bed rest again, I can still share my messages with you through:

This website ... My emails ... Social media ... Zoom calls ... 

And one of my favorite things of all ...


Those who know me best are laughing with me right now because, as they love telling you ...

Andrea started talking when she was 10 months old and she hasn't stopped since.

Sharing messages of resilience and living life to the fullest is one of the things I was put here on Earth to do and that pesky ol' pressure wound is actually helping me do it.

Who'd have thunk it, right?

So my question to you is this ...

You may be going through challenges right now that are really getting you down, but what if you thought about your situation in a different way, such as:

What opportunities is this challenge trying to show me?

Hmmm ... Still not convinced, but intrigued and want to talk about it?

Drop me a line here and I'll write you back and / or set up a Zoom so we can chat.

Your always-happy-to-talk-and-equally-happy-to-listen InspiraWoman,



At age 7, I sold 95 boxes of Girl Scout cookies over the phone because it never occurred to me that I couldn't.

In 2017, while on medical bed rest, I accidentally started a lucrative side business selling my crocheted items.  I then built it into my brand as InspiraWear.

I'm a champ at the party game Six Degrees of Kevin Bacon and can connect Shelley Winters and Dan Ackroyd in three moves.

I enjoy doing things people think can't be done.  Not only is it inspiring, it's also fun!

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